Richtige Fernseher haben Röhren!

Richtige Fernseher haben Röhren!

In Brief: On this site you will find pictures and information about some of the electronic, electrical and electrotechnical Obsolete technology relics that the Frank Sharp Private museum has accumulated over the years .
Premise: There are lots of vintage electrical and electronic items that have not survived well or even completely disappeared and forgotten.

Or are not being collected nowadays in proportion to their significance or prevalence in their heyday, this is bad and the main part of the death land. The heavy, ugly sarcophagus; models with few endearing qualities, devices that have some over-riding disadvantage to ownership such as heavy weight,toxicity or inflated value when dismantled, tend to be under-represented by all but the most comprehensive collections and museums. They get relegated to the bottom of the wants list, derided as 'more trouble than they are worth', or just forgotten entirely. As a result, I started to notice gaps in the current representation of the history of electronic and electrical technology to the interested member of the public.

Following this idea around a bit, convinced me that a collection of the peculiar alone could not hope to survive on its own merits, but a museum that gave equal display space to the popular and the unpopular, would bring things to the attention of the average person that he has previously passed by or been shielded from. It's a matter of culture. From this, the Obsolete Technology Tellye Web Museum concept developed and all my other things too. It's an open platform for all electrical Electronic TV technology to have its few, but NOT last, moments of fame in a working, hand-on environment. We'll never own Colossus or Faraday's first transformer, but I can show things that you can't see at the Science Museum, and let you play with things that the Smithsonian can't allow people to touch, because my remit is different.

There was a society once that was the polar opposite of our disposable, junk society. A whole nation was built on the idea of placing quality before quantity in all things. The goal was not “more and newer,” but “better and higher" .This attitude was reflected not only in the manufacturing of material goods, but also in the realms of art and architecture, as well as in the social fabric of everyday life. The goal was for each new cohort of children to stand on a higher level than the preceding cohort: they were to be healthier, stronger, more intelligent, and more vibrant in every way.

The society that prioritized human, social and material quality is a Winner. Truly, it is the high point of all Western civilization. Consequently, its defeat meant the defeat of civilization itself.

Today, the West is headed for the abyss. For the ultimate fate of our disposable society is for that society itself to be disposed of. And this will happen sooner, rather than later.

OLD, but ORIGINAL, Well made, Funny, Not remotely controlled............. and not Made in CHINA.

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Every CRT Television saved let revive knowledge, thoughts, moments of the past life which will never return again.........

Many contemporary "televisions" (more correctly named as displays) would not have this level of staying power, many would ware out or require major services within just five years or less and of course, there is that perennial bug bear of planned obsolescence where components are deliberately designed to fail and, or manufactured with limited edition specificities..... and without considering........picture......sound........quality........
..............The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of todays funny gadgets low price has faded from memory........ . . . . . .....
Don't forget the past, the end of the world is upon us! Pretty soon it will all turn to dust!

Have big FUN ! !
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014



DIAGNOSED CONSOLIDATED Acute myeloid leukemia (AML M3) RAR ALPHA BCR3 HIGH RISK, also known as acute myelogenous leukemia or acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL).



  1. My Prayers are with you Frank, take strength and may you have a full recovery my good Man.

  2. I hope everything will be Ok with your health Frank

  3. Sigo su blog desde España. Espero y deseo que se haya recuperado y pueda seguir adelante y retomar su blog. Un saludo.

  4. Espero se mejore. Me encanta su blog.

  5. Great blog, I hope you get over your malfunctions and keep your technical passions going.

    Paul from France

  6. I hope and wish you will be healthy again. Stay sane!

    P.S. You have some very good webmuseums. Let's preserve that nice old technology!

  7. Don't be fooled Frank, the doctor comes to see you and tells you promises, but in fact they are killing you. Then the doctor walks to another room and says the same to another patient, and when he gets home, he forgets everything and doesn't give a fuc~ about you.

    Chemotherapy is not the way. You need to stop the chemical treatment and get daily a huge dose of vitamin C (about 5 grams daily injected directly to your blood), and also vitamin B17.

    Research by yourself if you can access the network where you are... But act NOW.

  8. While chemo is risky and even poisonous (also to cancer cells, why it is used in the first place!), it seems rationally even more risky to depend exclusively on supplemental/supportative treatment, especially in accute disease which could kill you before any supplement can help you get better. If possible, immunotherapy seems to have a high succes rate in curing cancer. Using medicinal cannabis could also be a supplemental treatment in some cancers but in such highly researched diseases doctors usually know best (but do get second/additional opinions in case of doubt, one knows more than the other).

    Keep hanging on Frank, the world needs people with technical and historical interest.

    P.S. You don't know me, but I'm honoured to be the author of a few quotes you used in your site (the chassis lists for Philips K6 through K11 models), I'm doing extensive research and compilation on anything Philips related.


    @ M

    Thanks for interests but your cancer related write up is widely far beyond my real conditions and any serious cancer related discussion and approach.

    See here why:

    Let's say that someone (me) have had a 98% of cancer cells filling up my bone marrow and interfered like a complete disater with the production of normal blood cells.

    Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. Leukemia begins when normal blood cells change and grow uncontrollably. Several risk factors and chromosomal abnormalities have been identified, but the specific cause is not clear. As an acute leukemia, AML progresses rapidly and is typically fatal within weeks or months if left untreated.In AML, damage to the genetic material or DNA, called acquired mutations, in the blood-forming cells cause problems with the normal development of the blood cells. This causes the build-up of many immature cells called myeloblasts or blasts. Blasts do not act like fully developed, healthy blood cells and do not help a person’s immune system work. These acquired mutations and the large number of blasts also reduces the production of healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen, and platelets, cells that help the blood to clot.

    When I was diagnosed of this shiny disease my real conditions where so compromised that I had a life expectation time of no more than 8 hours !!!!!!!!!

    Chemotherapy at multi levels is the main form of treatment for AML. Initially, the aim of treatment is to destroy leukaemic cells and induce a remission. This means that there is no evidence of leukaemic cells in the blood and bone marrow and that normal blood cell production and normal blood counts are restored. Once a remission has been achieved, more chemotherapy is given in an effort to prevent the leukaemia from returning (relapsing). This is called post-remission or consolidation therapy.

    In the starting time of the first 20 Days of very hard Chemotherapy I've had the highest risk of death due to immediate brain emmorragic risk which didn't happen thankfully to my quality body and to highly qualified medical assistance which helped me from start with highest competence and professional proven skill.

    Internet and the web are great instruments but they're highly abused with fulfilling it with BS.
    Real serious material is today's hard to find.

    You Wrote "Keep hanging on Frank, the world needs people with technical and historical interest."

    Thanks for that but sadly , people like me are very few around and with the world becoming seriously compromised with the politically correct progression and mass immigration of monkeys the end of the world is upon us! Pretty soon it will all turn to dust! For that TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU !!!

    You Wrote "P.S. You don't know me, but I'm honoured to be the author of a few quotes you used in your site (the chassis lists for Philips K6 through K11 models), I'm doing extensive research and compilation on anything Philips related."

    WRONG: I know who you are: You're someone who has "MARTEEN" / "Maarten Bakker" as nickname around the web, which is liking to write in various forums on the web writing up the PHILIPS oldies. That's great ........ at least you're helping each other..........(some info aren't exactly technical but...............we let it go)

    NOW to the PHILIPS lists for Philips K6 through K11 models:

    That's is a write up which has anyway strong reference in the official PHILIPS Model number Survey Database.

    In this publication a survey is given of all model numbers for colour television.
    In the column “chassis” the main chassis name is given.
    For the required chassis version see the relevant Model Manual or Product Survey.
    The “year column” indicates the publishing year of the Model Manual. In case the year indication starts
    with PS, the model information is published in the relevant Product Survey.



  10. I hope you will be okay with your health. I always loved this blog since 2011! It's the best website ever! I'm a speaker collector and when i find a broken TV on the street i take the speaker, go home and search the model on that website :) I love your passion
    Ciro from Italy

  11. Fabio ( Colortubemania )June 18, 2015 at 4:35 AM

    I hope you come back soon to stand up there with the best collectors of televisions worldwide .
    Greetings from Fabio ( Colortubemania ) from Italy


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