Richtige Fernseher haben Röhren!

Richtige Fernseher haben Röhren!

In Brief: On this site you will find pictures and information about some of the electronic, electrical and electrotechnical Obsolete technology relics that the Frank Sharp Private museum has accumulated over the years .
Premise: There are lots of vintage electrical and electronic items that have not survived well or even completely disappeared and forgotten.

Or are not being collected nowadays in proportion to their significance or prevalence in their heyday, this is bad and the main part of the death land. The heavy, ugly sarcophagus; models with few endearing qualities, devices that have some over-riding disadvantage to ownership such as heavy weight,toxicity or inflated value when dismantled, tend to be under-represented by all but the most comprehensive collections and museums. They get relegated to the bottom of the wants list, derided as 'more trouble than they are worth', or just forgotten entirely. As a result, I started to notice gaps in the current representation of the history of electronic and electrical technology to the interested member of the public.

Following this idea around a bit, convinced me that a collection of the peculiar alone could not hope to survive on its own merits, but a museum that gave equal display space to the popular and the unpopular, would bring things to the attention of the average person that he has previously passed by or been shielded from. It's a matter of culture. From this, the Obsolete Technology Tellye Web Museum concept developed and all my other things too. It's an open platform for all electrical Electronic TV technology to have its few, but NOT last, moments of fame in a working, hand-on environment. We'll never own Colossus or Faraday's first transformer, but I can show things that you can't see at the Science Museum, and let you play with things that the Smithsonian can't allow people to touch, because my remit is different.

There was a society once that was the polar opposite of our disposable, junk society. A whole nation was built on the idea of placing quality before quantity in all things. The goal was not “more and newer,” but “better and higher" .This attitude was reflected not only in the manufacturing of material goods, but also in the realms of art and architecture, as well as in the social fabric of everyday life. The goal was for each new cohort of children to stand on a higher level than the preceding cohort: they were to be healthier, stronger, more intelligent, and more vibrant in every way.

The society that prioritized human, social and material quality is a Winner. Truly, it is the high point of all Western civilization. Consequently, its defeat meant the defeat of civilization itself.

Today, the West is headed for the abyss. For the ultimate fate of our disposable society is for that society itself to be disposed of. And this will happen sooner, rather than later.

OLD, but ORIGINAL, Well made, Funny, Not remotely controlled............. and not Made in CHINA.

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Every CRT Television saved let revive knowledge, thoughts, moments of the past life which will never return again.........

Many contemporary "televisions" (more correctly named as displays) would not have this level of staying power, many would ware out or require major services within just five years or less and of course, there is that perennial bug bear of planned obsolescence where components are deliberately designed to fail and, or manufactured with limited edition specificities..... and without considering........picture......sound........quality........
..............The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of todays funny gadgets low price has faded from memory........ . . . . . .....
Don't forget the past, the end of the world is upon us! Pretty soon it will all turn to dust!

Have big FUN ! !
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Monday, September 20, 2021



A truly sad day today and one of the sadiest of ever !.


 (Above pictured: Carlo VICHI and his Wife Anna in 1936 !!)

 (Above pictured: Carlo VICHI and his  TV PRODUCTION IN 1988)


this great entrepreneur has remained in history for having brought television into the homes of Italians at the helm of his company, Mivar.

From transistor radios to color TVs, the patron of Mivar is a legend who leaves a model factory as a monument to the career of a genius.

He was certainly a genius

Because only a genius could start by repairing transistor radios in 1945 and end up creating a colossus capable of producing a million televisions a year and undermining the market shares of brands such as Telefunken, Grundig and, later, Sony. Those were the days of cathode ray tubes. When televisions were deeper than they were wider and Color (Pal system) had arrived in 72, experimented (only experimented) during the Olympic Games in Munich.

A magic man. And he immediately took possession of that magic. Mivar (the acronym stands for Milano Vichi radio equipment), thanks to its excellent price and quality (its televisions only broke down when hit with a baseball bat) made its way into the world of big brands.The recipe is a winner: competitive prices, an efficient service network and minimized expenses. Popular appliances, with minimalistic pragmatic chassis technology, intended for a public that doesn't want to spend too much. In 1988, out of every 100 televisions sold, 12 were Mivar. Those were pharaonic numbers in those years, when the production lines churned out about 300,000 color TVs and 60,000 black and white ones. An (initially) winning bet, given that in 1999 Mivar reached its peak: 950,000 sets built and a market share of 35%, ahead of several multinational electronics companies. The crisis for Mivar begins at the beginning of the 2000s with the entry into the flat screen television market.

Vichi has never spent a single penny on advertising and has a relationship with marketing that is similar to that of cats and water.  Its innovation lay in its production process, which was absolutely original and profitable.

In 2008, the production of cathode ray tubes tellyes ended, but the crisis became more and more acute. Turnover dropped, as did the number of employees. A black crisis that destroyed every piece of the company. Over the years, Vichi has said that he has spent about 100 million euros  of his own funds to cover the losses and allow his company to guarantee a formal break-even.

Carlo Vichi would like to die in his factory, at his table, among the workers. He has never had a CEO's office. He has always been the "boss", but in the midst of his workers; one of them, even if of a higher rank.

 Mivar was Carlo Vichi and Carlo Vichi was Mivar. Mivar was a company with an unusual imprint of Italian capitalism, as its founder imagined it: poorer, simpler, but with strong ideas.

Today Mivar has lost its founder.

He was a concrete man, and there was no distance between him and the workers, as they used to say.
The workers greeted him, without deference, without running away. As if he were just another colleague. He looked at you, understood what you were thinking and said: "I have no problems with the unions. Here, people who work well are treated well. The brusque manners was perhaps just a pose on that he was well known . A theatrical affectation of someone who knows he has become a character in spite of himself. 

He may eventually have made three mistakes: not preparing himself for the succession of the company (his sons decided to take a different path), not believing in the development of flat screens, and setting up a second factory in Abbiategrasso, a very modern and perfect one, 120,000 square meters, but it never came into operation. He continued to keep it clean, ready to become operational.

In 2014, he announced his willingness to rent for free the factory built in the 1990s on the Naviglio di Bereguardo - which he designed himself - of 120000 m², which has never come into operation, to anyone who intends to produce televisions and employ 1,200 Italian workers there. Three years later, in 2017, Vichi addresses this invitation to the South Korean multinational Samsung, from which he gets no response.

 He was willing to offer it for free to anyone who would hire 1,200 people.

Perhaps the true monument to  and his tellyes.

His life coincided with that of the company: born in Montieri, in the province of Grosseto, he moved to Milan at a young age. In the post-war period Var was founded and in 1955 it took on a new name, Mivar (Milano Vichi Apparecchi Radio), and the following year it marketed its first radio with a frequency modulation system. Due to the success of this new transmission standard in Italy, the company expanded and in 1958 it opened its first factory with 400 employees in Via Giordani 30 in Milan. There were born, next to the normal table radios, portable models or also equipped with built-in turntable, with plates and mechanics almost always manufactured by Lesa.

(Carlo Vichi Montieri, 5 febbraio 1923 – 20 settembre 2021)






A NOI !!




 MIVAR an Italian Brand no more active since 20/12/2013.

MIVAR is a Factory site in the near of Milan (italy) in a Industrial city conglomerate called Abbiate Grasso.

Founded in 1945 by Mr. Carlo Vichi class of 1923, The activity started in 1945 - in Milano, Via Ugo Tommei 5 street with fabrication of little radio apparates.


1945 - Milan, Via Ugo Tommei 5: Begin the activity
assembling small radios.

1950 - Via Curtatone 12: developed with the construction of more direct major radio components fabricants.

1956 - 13 Street Strigelli: industrial production is manily targeted to first radio devices with frequency modulation (FM).

1958 - Via P. 30 Jordanians: TV become a reality, the industries is doubling his ACTIVITY, always in Milan, we build the first "real" plant with 400 employees.

1963 - Abbiategrasso, Via Dante 45: in the wake of decentralization and the rampant success of the television, building a facility that will become important in place 800 employees occupying between 1968-70.

1990 - Abbiategrasso Canal towpath: aware of the physiological importance that television plays in society? Modern, rich expertise and resources, we began construction of a factory area of ​​120,000 m? which covered 30.00o , for the viabilit with parking spaces and 60,000 park trees.

In origin the factory was brand named as Radio Var and indeed the tellye here in collection is internally marked as Radio VAR. After 1985 they were marked rightly MIVAR.
Today's activity is oriented in virtual production of LCD crap but with very low market penetration due to "unfair" asian competitors presence and a local governement which don't care about.

(You call it global
market, I call it WORLD DESTRUCTION combined toghether with mass Afro scum crap Immigration (EUROPEAN INVASION) to obtain destruction on a large scale in all places and to help more and better the loose of all OUR workplaces and firms , lives, people).

 “If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them.

If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones.

Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power.

Anyway Obsolete Technology Tellye will show even this model as a Time machine which looses nothing of the good tellyes ! ! !

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